Marolo Grappa di Barolo 20 Anni

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Color: Intense and loaded amber.
Bouquet: Notes of dried fruit, honey, vanilla, nutmeg, tobacco, anise, licorice, prune, raisins and fruit jam.
Taste: Harmonious, rich, very elegant and decidedly persistent.

Marolo Grappa di Barolo 20 Anni

Grappa di Barolo aged 20 years is the culmination of a lengthy journey that began in the 1970s. Paolo Marolo grew interested in this industry at that time and began producing artisan distillates using modest steam boilers, quickly establishing himself as a natural talent. The firm has evolved throughout the years while maintaining its original essence. The production process may rely on high-quality raw materials, including fresh and aromatic pomace of Nebbiolo grapes from Barolo vinifications performed by local cellars. At the end of the passage in the alembic, a scented, delicate, and exquisite distillate is obtained, which is matured in tiny oak and acacia barrels for 20 years. The combination of two different essences allows to obtain an extraordinary aromatic complexity and the pleasant slightly honeyed notes typical of acacia.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 50 % ABV
Tipologia Grappa
Materia Prima Nebbiolo da Barolo
Distillazione -
Maturazione 20 years in oak e acacia barrels
Età 20 Y.O.
Grado di torba Not Peated
Provenienza Piemonte, Italy
Distilleria DISTILLERIA SANTA TERESA dei Fratelli Marolo s.r.l.
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