Rhum Rhum Blanc PMG 56°

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Rhum Rhum PMG 56° is drunk neat or in C-Punch, Vittorio Capovilla's Ti' Punch recipe, which consists of a dose of Rhum Rhum 56°, a thin lime zest-perfect ungrafted citron vert from Marie Galante or Haiti-and a few ice cubes. No need to add sugar.

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Rhum Rhum Blanc PMG 56°

Rhum Rhum PMG 56° is a Pure Single Agricole Rhum made from an ancient sugar cane variety, Rouge B47.259, that has almost vanished from the Antilles. When the barrels are perfectly matured, they are cut by hand with traditional "coutelas" and transported to the distillery on "cabrouets" pulled by bulls. The freshly pressed juice is not diluted, as usually happens in the production of rhum agricoles; the fermentations take place in open vats at a controlled temperature and last up to 5/6 days. Following distillation, a long period of rest in steel vats begins, lasting up to a year, during which the alcohol content is gradually reduced. Rhum Rhum PMG 56 is bottled at 56°.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 56%
Tipologia Pure Single Rum Agricole
Materia Prima Sugar Cane Syrup
Distillazione Pot Still
Età N.D
Provenienza Marie Galante
Distilleria Rhum Rhum
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