Fonseca Bin 27

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It is one of the most emblematic ports of Fonseca, sometimes opulent, very fruity and with a deep colour. It goes well with chocolate truffles.

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Fonseca Bin 27

Bin 27 is a Porto Reserve blend of wines from the best vintages, combined to make a complex, yet easy to drink and store blend. Grapes are hand-picked, as in all Fonseca Ports, and partly purchased from a network of trusted suppliers. Men and women press the grapes with their feet in traditional concrete lagars before spontaneous fermentation. Reserve wines from the various vintages come together in a large bin before bottling.

Product Details
Capacity 75 cl
Gradazione 20%
Tipologia Porto
Materia Prima Grapes & Alcool
Distillazione Winemaking
Età N.D
Provenienza Portugal
Distilleria Fonseca
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