Drouin Pays D'Auge Reserve

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To be enjoyed neat in a tulip glass. Excellent paired with chocolate desserts or a classic apple cake.

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Drouin Pays D'Auge Reserve
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Drouin Pays D'auge can be called the Grand Cru de l'appellation Calvados, with its very strict requirements. La Réserve was created using the same processes as Drouin Calvados, including the ripening and harvesting of the 30 apple varieties, champagne-style soft pressing, with yields reduced to 65% to preserve the freshness of the juice, and spontaneous fermentations of local yeasts. The ciders used for distillation are the freshest, stored in stainless steel vats for at least five months. Despite the rapid fermentation, they are not complex, but perfect for making spirits with rapid aging. The classic Charentais copper still is used for distillation, aging for four years in French oak barrels.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 45%
Tipologia Calvados
Materia Prima Apples
Distillazione Charentais Alembic
Età N.D.
Provenienza Coudray-Rabut, France
Distilleria Christian Drouin
New product
Christian Drouin
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