Koval Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

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Color: Honey.
Aroma: Seductive with notes of cereals, bananas, citrus fruits, honey and vanilla.
Taste: Light bodied with complex notes of mandarin, coconut, caramel and spices and hints of pepper and oak.
Final: Averagely long with notes of vanilla and dried fruit.

Koval Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

Koval, which opened in 2008, is Chicago's first artisanal distillery since Prohibition.
All smart batches are created using cereals, fruits, and herbs from the American Midwest region, and their water is sourced from Lake Michigan and cleaned using natural coal. Every Koval product is kosher and Midwest Organic Service Association approved.
Koval Single Barrel Organic Rye Whiskey is a single-barrel distillate matured for around two years in slightly charred American oak barrels. It is bottled at 40% vol., unfiltered, and without colorants.

Product Details
Capacity 50 cl
Gradazione 40 % ABV
Tipologia Rye Whiskey
Materia Prima -
Distillazione -
Maturazione -
Età N.D.
Grado di torba -
Provenienza Chicago, USA
Distilleria Koval Distillery
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