Drouet Cognac XO Ulysse

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It dresses the glass in a beautiful amber gold color.
The olfactory bouquet is rich and complex, made up of hints that recall vanilla, hazelnuts, coffee and spices.
On the palate it is full-bodied, round and smooth, characterized by hints of honey and gingerbread, and particularly long in persistence.

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Drouet Cognac XO Ulysse

It is a selection of the top Premier Cru Grand Champagne Cognacs, including the one that makes up the blend of Cognac X.O. Ulysse, a clear homage to the memory of Patrick Drouet's great-grandfather. With twenty years of age behind us, we find ourselves on the taste buds of a broad and delicate Cognac at the same time, defined by those rare notes of rationing distinctive exclusively of the finest Cognacs. For those who always wish to have at hand a distillate that can differentiate itself from the rest, Cognac Ulysse will be able to deliver rich scents and refined tastes, becoming a constant companion of the deepest and most significant thoughts if necessary.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 40 % ABV
Tipologia Cognac
Materia Prima -
Distillazione -
Maturazione -
Età 20 Y.O.
Grado di torba -
Provenienza Grande Champagne, France
Distilleria Drouet
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