Villa de Varda Grappa Moscato Stravecchia Albarel

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A deep amber-colored grappa with fruity aromas and floral nuances. It is smooth and rich on the palate, thanks to the important aromatic bouquet.

Villa de Varda Grappa Moscato Stravecchia Albarel

The grappa Moscato Stravecchia Albarel by Villa de Varda is a distillate of Trentino's best muscat pomace, distilled first and aged in barriques for a longer period of time. This procedure produces a distinctive grappa that is perfect for capping off a special occasion. The mahogany wood case and the master distiller's numbered and hand-signed technical sheet complete this authentic Villa de Varda jewel.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 40 % ABV
Tipologia Moscato Grappa
Materia Prima 100% selected Moscato grape skins from Trentino
Distillazione following our exclusive "de Varda" method: artisanal with a steam discontinuous system
Maturazione for long periods in oak, acacia and cherry barrels
Età N.D.
Grado di torba Not Peated
Provenienza Trentino, Italy
Distilleria Villa de Varda
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Villa de Varda
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