Springbank 12 Y.O. Cask Strength

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Color: Light amber. Aroma: The classic Springbank, damp earth, tobacco, citrus, cinnamon, red fruits and a very light marine scent. Taste: Really well balanced and with good oiliness, slightly spicy with notes of burnt caramel, berries, brown sugar and orange with hints of raisins and cinnamon. Finish: Long with notes of dried fruit, cinnamon, berries, chocolate and a slight hint of smoke.

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Springbank 12 Y.O. Cask Strength

The Springbank distillery is part of Campbeltown's history, but more importantly, it is one of the few survivors of the Campbeltown whiskey crisis, and it is still one of Scotland's most traditional distilleries today. From the malting of the barley laid out on the malting floor to the bottling of the whisky, everything at Springbank is done in-house. The workers handcraft the entire process; there is no computer in the plant. Springbank 12 Years Old Cask Strength was first released in January 2010 (batch #1), and we are now on the 22nd release of a product that continues to improve year after year. This release is made from a 50% ex-sherry cask and 50% ex-bourbon bottled at 55.4% (natural grade) is limited edition.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 55.4 % ABV
Tipologia Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Materia Prima 100% Barley Malt
Distillazione Discontinued, Post Still
Maturazione ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks
Età 12 YO
Grado di torba Low Peated
Provenienza Campbeltown, Scotland
Distilleria Springbank
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