Nikka From The Barrel

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To be enjoyed straight, or in an Old Fashioned or in a Manhattan.

Nikka From The Barrel

Nikka From The Barrel is a whiskey that has redefined the category: for this whiskey, Nikka's chief blender assembles distillates from the two historic distilleries of Yoichi and Miyagikyo, including a portion of whiskey distilled in the coffee column alembic. Ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks of various sizes and passages are used for aging. It's a whiskey that dazzles with finesse and complexity. The name alludes to the bottle's high alcohol content, which is 51.4%. This blend contains approximately 100 different Nikka whiskeys.

Product Details
Capacity 50 cl
Gradazione 51.4%
Tipologia Blended Japanese Whisky
Materia Prima Mixed cereals
Distillazione Pot Still & Column Still
Età N.D
Provenienza Japan
Distilleria Nikka
New product
Price €48.50 Tax included
€39.75 Tax excluded