Lustau Amontillado Del Puerto "Almacenista" Gonzales Obregon

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Its pairings are endless: ideal for balancing the sweetness of pumpkin tortelli or spicy oriental cuisine.

Amontillado Del Puerto "Almacenista" Gonzales Obregon

Lustau Amontillado Del Puerto is a Solera nectar from Almacenista Jose Luis Gonzales Obregon, one of the most respected artisan Agers in the Sherry Triangle. Being a Puerto de Santa Maria wine, it begins its journey as Fino Del Puerto, with traditional winemaking and organic aging. The Flor Decade begins oxidative aging after about 5 years, while the wine rests for another 7 years in the 10 barrels that determine the fate of their aging.

Product Details
Capacity 50 cl
Gradazione 18.5%
Tipologia Sherry
Materia Prima Grapes
Distillazione Fermentation
Età N.D
Provenienza Spain
Distilleria Lustau
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