Highland Park 10 Y.O.

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To be enjoyed neat or "on the rocks," it is a perfect whiskey to enter the world of Orkney: simple, savory and drinkable. The bottling is called "Viking Scars" to celebrate the Viking origin of one-third of the inhabitants of Orkney, the remote islands where Highland Park is located.

Highland Park 10 Y.O.
Highland Park 10 Y.O.
Highland Park 10 Y.O. BOX

Highland Park 10 Y.O. is an excellent whiskey for immersing yourself in the style of northern Scotland. It is produced in the Orkney Islands off the northern coast of Great Britain. It is a blend of casks used by the distillery. It has a natural color, with no added colorants. Only at the end of tasting are aromas of custard and delicate peat noticeable.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 40%
Tipologia Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Materia Prima Barley Malt
Distillazione Pot Still
Età N.D
Provenienza Scotland
Distilleria Highland Park
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