Clairin Ansyen Casimir 22 Mois CA16UI-2 Dom Costa

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It can be tasted neat for white clairin enthusiasts seeking a new experience, as well as those interested in the evolution of a distillate in wood. With all of the clairin ansyen, you can then make new cocktails that deviate from traditional recipes.

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Clairin Ansyen Casimir 22 Mois CA16UI-2 Dom Costa
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Clairin Ansyen Casimir 22 Mois Dom Costa is a single cask selected by the famous bartender Dom Costa during a trip to Haiti in June 2018. It is a Clairin Casimir aged 22 months in a barrel that previously housed Demerara Uitvlugt rum from one of the prestigious co-bottling Veliers.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 49.6%
Tipologia Pure Single Rhum Agricole
Materia Prima Pure sugar cane juice
Distillazione Pot Still distillation
Età 22 Months
Provenienza Baradères, Haiti
Distilleria Faubert Casimir
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€39.75 Tax excluded