Chartreuse Jaune

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It is great paired with desserts and fruit, but also served cold at the end of a meal. It is an excellent ingredient for international cocktails such as the Last Word, Chartreuse Swizzle and Bijou.

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Chartreuse Jaune

Chartreuse Jaune combines 130 herbs, flowers, roots and spices, but also wine alcohol and honey. The yellow color comes from the presence of saffron. It is aged for at least 3 years in large French oak barrels.

Product Details
Capacity 70 cl
Gradazione 43%
Tipologia Liquor
Materia Prima Alcohol, herbs, spices, flavourings, sugar, honey
Distillazione Pot Still Distillation & Infusion
Maturazione x
Età N.D.
Grado di torba x
Provenienza Voiron, France
Distilleria Chartreuse
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€33.61 Tax excluded