Pipe Mastro Geppetto Pipe Of The Year 2022 Rusticated - Bent

Code MG 2250

Once upon a time there was an old wood carver called Geppetto. He had a lot of imagination and a great love for his work. One day a friend Mastro Ciliegia gave him a lovely old piece of wood knowing that he would be pleased. Early the next day Geppetto took up the piece of wood and decided that he would carve a puppet who would help him feel less lonely. He worked hard at the piece of wood and the end he create a puppet that came to life with a touch of magic, becoming his life-long companion. And what if Geppetto that morning had made a pipe out of that piece of old wood instead of a puppet?

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Mastro Geppetto Pipe Of The Year 2022 Rusticated, Elaborated True in Silver, saddle stem, without filter, personalized box and original bag.

Product Details
Lenght 5,39 inch
Bowl Height 2,04 inch
Chamber Dept 1,53 inch
Weight 2,11 oz
Chamber Diameter 0,86 inch
Outside Diameter 1,61 inch
Line Limited Editions
Finish Rusticated
Material Briar
Stem Material Acrylic
Weight range From 1,79 To 2,64 Oz
Modello Bent
Filter Without Filter
Shape Bent
New product
Mastro Geppetto Pipe
Price €180.00 Tax included
€147.54 Tax excluded