Talamona pipes

Founded in the 70s by Cesare Talamona, a well-known craftsman from Oltrona (VA), Talamona from the beginning of its activity has managed to establish itself abroad for its creativity and for the size of its pipes, contributing to the spread of the craftsmanship of Lake Varese in the world.

Once Cesare retired from the market at the venerable age of 85, not wanting to put an end to his work of "high Italian craftsmanship" he saw fit to entrust everything to Paolo Croci who bought the brand in 2007 from Paolo Croci, the company starts a limited production of pieces respecting the wishes of Cesare Talamona realizing, even today, high quality pipes, entirely handmade and of generous dimensions characterized by the inspiration and the creative hand of Paolo.

As it was for Cesare also for Paolo "every pipe has a soul and whoever buys it finds himself".