Peterson pipes

The Peterson Pipes, made south of Dublin, have conquered the world for their refined elegance and their unmistakable style.

The shapes of Peterson pipes, such as the traditional Army, Spigot and Silver, despite the numerous variations of the last decades, are always particularly coveted and requested all over the world, finding great success in sales and admirers, such as Mark Twain, famous writer and great admirer of Peterson pipes. A considerable part of Peterson pipes is still made with the palatal mouth which, with the exception of the German Vauen, is not produced by any other brand.

About 80 Peterson pipe models currently on the market, mainly in the classic style. Often rough almost to recall the Cliffs of Moher, Peterson pipes are available at any price and quality and, to the most elegant and refined models, they are real affixed in gilded silver or, for exclusive models, in gold.

A true connoisseur immediately recognizes the quality of the wood and the manufacture of Peterson pipes. Real collector's items, which cannot be missing from those of an enthusiast.

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