Ascorti Pipes

The Ascorti name is immediately associated with "Pipa del Baffo," or the Caminetto brand founded by Giuseppe Ascorti and Gigi Radice. Following the latter's exit, the "Pipa del Baffo" has continued to remain an Ascorti family affair, first with grandfather Peppino, then with sons Roberto and Pierangelo who relaunched the Caminetto brand in the 1980s, and now with Tommaso, now in his third generation.

In half a century of history, much of the production has remained the same: from the machinery built by grandfather Peppino to the production processes of the Caminetto pipes, but also the 90 steps, almost all of which are carried out by hand, with a particular expertise in controlling the seasoning of the briars, which Tommaso personally chooses and controls, buying them from trusted sawyers.

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