Radice pipes

Gigi Radice was trained at a very young age (1960) at the Castle, and then founded the Caminetto (1968) together with Peppino Ascorti. In 1979, therefore, he decided to restart with his own brand, starting the Pipe Radice.

After the first business difficulties, the Radice pipes have gradually gained more and more space, also thanks to the sons of Gigi Radice, Marzio and Gianluca, also masters of the art of pipe making. The commercial success of the Clear line is especially due to the excellent processing of the Root pipes that can be found even with the most affordable models; a marked imagination in the research of shapes and lines, combined with the great technical expertise of Gigi Radice, completes the finishing of the initial logs.

The position of the points on the mouthpiece is an indication of the type of pipe; those with filter find the points positioned laterally, while those without filter bring them back to the upper face of the mouthpiece. Overall production stands at 1,800 pipes per year.

Radice Clear E

Codice RA 1903
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