Santambrogio Pipes

Few pipe manufacturers in the world can boast such a long history and tradition. Founded in 1912, there are three generations that have succeeded in this work over time, passing down from father to son an experience and knowledge that is fully present in every single product created.

Santambrogio pipes are made according to a fundamental scheme: clean and harmonious, their lines must be properly balanced as a whole.

The briar, of strictly Italian origin, is seasoned in a natural way, without forcing and for a duration of time necessary to guarantee the achievement of an optimal result. A beautiful pipe never comes out by chance but is the result of a wise and skilful combination of elements, combined with a strong sense of aesthetics, proven dexterity and considerable attention and care for its functionality.

"Pipes are created to smoke well, be beautiful and appreciated over time". This is Stefano Santambrogio's motto. These are the characteristics that every single pipe born from his hands must have.

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