Brebbia pipes

A style and quality of workmanship appreciated over time by several generations of pipe enthusiasts. A historic artisan production that in over 60 years has earned the appreciation of collectors from all over the world. Attention to detail, personality and harmony of proportions. Brebbia pipes represent the perfect synthesis between classic and modern, for a range of models that goes beyond the fashions and tastes of the moment.

The basic soil and the considerable humidity that pervades the Varese valley floor throughout the year, reproduce a perfect microclimate for the maturation of the briar, which only here manages to expel almost all the tannin present in the heather roots, the main responsible for the bad taste of a pipe, especially in the first few smokes.

Rigorously selected and aged briar, mouthpieces with an optimal anatomical shape to facilitate the passage of smoke and the elimination of the annoying drizzle effect caused by condensation, Brebbia Pipes are a guarantee of a product of the highest quality.

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