Bacigalupi Pipes

Marco Bacigalupi was born in Genova in 1952. Always considered himself a wood hobbyist, his first attempts with briar began in 1965 with a pipe of his father. In the mid-1970s the meeting with a craftsman who knew how to give him good advice. In the 1980s the first plates and self-taught experiments. In 1989 in Genova he was awarded at the pipemaker championship that was held parallel to the international slow smoking trophy. In 2007 he left the city to live in a small village, Gavi, in the middle of nature. In 2012 he began his full-time activity as a pipemaker. His flair is to make pipes that are pleasant to smoke, to hold and to look at, interpreting classic and non-classic shapes. The mouthpieces are completely handmade from German ebonite bar. The pipes are numbered progressively and by year of production. The briar, ultimately, is first-rate Tuscan briar. Each year it produces 100/150 pipes.

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