Ashton Pipe

After 25 years at Dunhill, William Taylor decided in 1983 to strike out on his own, succeeding in obtaining excellent market feedback right from the start. True to the classic style inherited from Dunhill, Ashton pipes are, to date, the only pipes made entirely in England, emphasizing fidelity to the Anglo-Saxon style with production that respects the canons of Made in UK shapes and finishes.

Particularly committed to finding new technical solutions for his pipes, William Taylor has patented a new material for making the mouthpieces; "ashtonite" is a compound formed from rubber and acrylate that allows Ashton pipes, the patent holder, to have a mouthpiece that is soft to the touch (like rubber mouthpieces) while preserving the shiny black of methacrylate.

Annual production stands at 3,500 made per year.