Amorelli Pipes

A perfect combination of revolutionary design and handcrafting-this is the hallmark of Amorelli Pipes, a true example of style and refinement. Scrupulous craftsmanship makes Amorelli pipes one of the most appreciated products.

Painstaking workmanship, attention to detail and a harmonious fusion of lines and shapes are among the main characteristics of all Amorelli pipe models, a brand that, after nearly forty years, is one of the most sought-after and chosen by smokers, amateurs and collectors all over the world.

Seventy stages of workmanship carried out by expert hands before arriving at the finished product, unmistakable for its style and fine finish. Busbee, Frac, Lyra, Fishtail and Nail are just a few of the many models made by Amorelli, an example of how the classic canon, embellished with special and artistic workmanship, can give life to absolutely unique pieces. All strictly Made in Italy.

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