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The history of Castello pipes is that of Carlo Scotti, a hard-working Ticino tobacconist of the early 1900s, a great esthete and passionate about high quality who, after making his tobacconist famous by transforming it into a meeting place for smokers and enthusiasts, began to making pipes able to combine the pleasantness of smoking with the elegance and refinement of the design. Thus was born the Castello brand, one of the most prestigious and appreciated in Italy and abroad.

Synonymous with craftsmanship, experience and passion, Castello is the emblem of ancient knowledge, forged in a workshop in the Canton of Ticino at the beginning of the last century and handed down from generation to generation to the present day. The consistency of warm, living wood, shaped according to a soft and essential line, a pleasure capable of satisfying sight and touch and a taste that is the fresh taste of the delicate and at the same time intense and decisive fragrances of our land. Classic, curved, free, straight, medium, large. To each the most pleasing form, but all with the same philosophy: to savor even the smallest nuance of taste and aroma, typical of smoked tobacco.

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